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Breiclub in Oostende : elke woensdagavond van 19 u - 21 u !

zondag 12 juni 2011

wwkip day in Gent

We did it !  And proud too !

We had an amazing day : knitting is hip in Belgium it seems.
there were 6 of us on the early train from Oostende to Ghent.

  After exchanging a lot of girl talk (you know...) and comparing knitting with eachother, we were very quickly in Gent.  There we took the tram to the beautiful shop 'Stoffenidee' and were welcomed there with coffee, home made cakes and a big table set out for us.

People from the Gent knitting club were there too, and we were happy to get to know eachother.  How funny it is to talk to somebody you meet for the first time in real life, and then they say they are followers of my blog.  I was so flattered and thrilled to meet kindred spirits.
Of course, I couldn't resist to have a look at the wool.  The Noro, the Rowan, the Debbie Bliss....  My heart went like a jungle drum  tonk -a-tonk-a-tonk  like in the song.

This is what I bought.

this is just amazing colours : don't know yet what to make with it, but I couldn't NOT buy it...

I already started with a chevron scarf !

And to our big surprise : the ladies of the shop gave us a pakket filled with 4 skeins as a gift, just because we went there on WWKIP day !  What a wonderful thought - one can never have too much wool to chose from, don't you agree ?

 (hmm, my husband doesn't quite agree there, but then again, I don't complain when he buys another guitar...)

In the afternoon we went shopping, and had a bit of rain.  So I had to buy this umbrella.  Doesn't it look like a parasol in stead of an umbrella ?  Anyway, the rain soon stopped and we could continue.

One of my favourite stops is Zahia.  They had an action : a bag full of pearls for only 5 euro.  I choose from these :

And then we had to go home....  tooo tired to knit on the way back. What a lovely day we had, lots of inspiration and memories to cherish. 

5 opmerkingen:

  1. jammer dat ik moest werken, had er zeer graag bijgeweest ! Mooie wol hoor en ja die kralen, dan ga ik helemaal door de knieën !

  2. You choose wonderful wool! The colors are great!

  3. Hallo Rozemie! KIP day was wonderful! I felt like I'd had a holiday it was so much fun. Your photos are great!

  4. Dankjewel voor je reactie op mijn blog!
    En blijkbaar moet ik nog eens gaan shoppen in Gent, volgens mij zou ik uren kunnen vertoeven in 'Stoffenidee'. Een prachtige collectie stof & wol.


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