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dinsdag 29 november 2011

my sister's new hat

My sister is the better knitter of us both.  She 's always a few steps ahead of me.  When I told her I was going to make a baret, she showed me the one she'd just finished.  
I loved the colours, it was really very fashionable. 

isn't she gorgeous ? 

When she had finished knitting it, she was a bit dissapointed with it.  Too soft, not firm enough to stay on her head as it should.  So, brave as she is, she threw it in the machine and washed it at 60 ° C.  Twice !

Now it is felted, and perfect.  It retains its shape better, and is more windproof than before. 

zondag 20 november 2011

triangle scarf is ready !

My triangle scarf with the pompons is ready, just in time for the cold weather that has hit us.

As the rest of my country enjoyed some sunny autumn days, we at the coast area were coverd in a thick fog, with very cold temperatures. 
The weatherman called it 'inversion', meaning all the heavy clouds gathered above our heads and stayed there....   to top it all, our heating broke down, and went into 'security' so we couldn't light it up anymore, due to this bad weather.  The exhaust fumes of the burnt gas couldn't escape because of the thick fog above our house.   15 ° C in my living room.....   that called out for warm scarves.... 

It was a long time ago - but I remembered how to make pompons !

a long scarf to wind around your neck 3 times.
I found the original idea on the wonderful and inspirational blog of Norwegian Lone, at flowermouse design

vrijdag 18 november 2011

a little sister bear

I am the new member of the bear family at Rozemie's.  I was created this week.  

Originally the pattern spoke of 'Barnaby', but as I was stiched together, and filled with soft woolly stuff, I had these very graceful arms and legs.   My overall  appearance was definately elegant and sophisticated.

My beautiful sharp nose, reminded my creator of Queen Cleopatra. 

Therefore it was decided that I was going to be the sister in stead of the brother they were waiting for....

Who are you guys ???

What are they doing in my bed ???

zondag 6 november 2011

Pleased to meet you !

let me introduce myself : I am Henry.  I am the first teddy-bear made by Rozemie. 

I am completely hand stiched, no machine was used in the proces of making me.
My creator did have a bit of help from the world famous teddybear maker Karin. 
And also from her sister, Veerle, the second best bear maker of Flanders.

I must say, she did make a few mistakes.  I have a little trouble sitting up straight because my joints are just a tiny bit too loose, it seems.   But hey, who's perfect ?  And anyway, perfection is boring.

I am also proud to present my little brother : Paldi. 

He's a German bear, a cute little fellow.  He's the second bear she made, in a weeks time.  Perhaps my creator is becoming a bit obsessed....   she hasn't made any mistakes with this one, he can sit up straight !  The only thing that is worrying us, is that we feel a bit naked.  perhaps someone will knit us something nice to wear ?
here I am, still blind...  where are my eyes ???

They are right there in the box, with my ears...

Who's that nice lady helping me with my ears ?

Oh !  It's Veerle.  she knows what she's doing !

Yep !  looking better.

Helloooow world !

In the proces of making my little brother Paldi
eyes and ears ok, now for the nose....

We are sitting together

waiting for another brother.....

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