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maandag 31 december 2012

tres leches cake

The knitting club of Bruges is a very international meeting.  There are people from all over the world, gathering for a cosy afternoon filled with stories and a lot of knitting.

Miguel, who makes this all available, made a wonderful cake.  He called it a 'tres leches' cake.  It is a Mexican recipe, from Miguels homeland.

Tres meaning 3 (of course) and leches means milks.  This cake is made with 3 sorts of milks.  (I didn't even realise there were so many milks...)

It was simply devine !  Soft, milky, and a little touch of rum.  Miguel sent me the recipe and I pinned it on my pinterest board 'recipes' if you want it.  link here : my recipes

This is my experiment.  It will be eaten next year (tomorrow that is) at the afternoon tea with my in-laws. 
Maybe I should add an extra drop of rum.....

Oh, and yes, the cat found the leftover milk mixture and had a ball !

Enjoy the new year everybody - and I wish you all a lot of knitting and other pleasures in life !

maandag 17 december 2012

a quick last minute Xmas decoration

This candle holder started out as a glass jar of vegetables I bought at the supermarket.

Clean it thouroughly, remove the paper label.
choose a yarn in a Xmassy-colour, and a crochet hook

for my Flemish and Dutch readers : translation is marked in green ! 

Start with chain stiches, measure the circumference of the jar, at its widest part.
Begin met kettingsteken, meet op het breedste deel van de bokaal.

measure carefully, not too tight
crochet as follows : 1 double crochet, 1 chain stich, skipp 1 stich,   repeat until the end.
haak als volgt : maak een stokje, een kettingsteek, sla een steek over, maak een stokje, enz...

close with a  slipstich, make a single crochet in the first opening, make 3 chain stiches and repeat the proces until the piece is long enough to cover the whole jar.
Sluiten doe je met een halve vaste, dan een vast in de eerste opening, 3 kettingsteken en je bent weer vertrokken.  Vanaf de 2e toer kun je het stokje in de opening van de vorige toer maken, je hoeft niet in een steek te steken en daardoor werk je veel sneller.

measure carefully in the beginning, always at the widest part of the jar.

close with a slip stich

make a single crochet in the first opening

3 chain stiches and off you go, repeat the dc/1chain all around
from this point you can make the double crochet in the opening of the previous round, you don't have to find the right stich, so this works very fast.

careful you don't twist the work, you don't want a moebius !

check if it's ok
finishing with a reverse crochet (sc backwards)
Afwerken kun je met de kreeftensteek, maar dat hoeft niet echt.
Kies een leuk lintje, een decoratief hartje, een kerstballetje, zelfs een oude oorbel kan je hier aanhangen.

now the body is finished, you can decorate it with a ribbon, an old earring, a shining little hart, or anything you have in your craft left-overs box....

an easy way to weave in the ribbon

with a little candle inside, the light makes a  pattern on the table

even an old brooche can add a shining touch

once you made 1, you can't stop....
Of course you can do this with little jars, an put a little candlelight in it.  I added a little bit of sand at the bottom of the jar, so that the candle was steady.
Je kan natuurlijk ook andere bokaaltje kiezen, kleine en grote, volgens je goesting.  Ik deed een klein beetje zand op de bodem van de bokaal zodat het kaarsje stabiel blijft staan. 

Have fun making this !

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