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maandag 31 december 2012

tres leches cake

The knitting club of Bruges is a very international meeting.  There are people from all over the world, gathering for a cosy afternoon filled with stories and a lot of knitting.

Miguel, who makes this all available, made a wonderful cake.  He called it a 'tres leches' cake.  It is a Mexican recipe, from Miguels homeland.

Tres meaning 3 (of course) and leches means milks.  This cake is made with 3 sorts of milks.  (I didn't even realise there were so many milks...)

It was simply devine !  Soft, milky, and a little touch of rum.  Miguel sent me the recipe and I pinned it on my pinterest board 'recipes' if you want it.  link here : my recipes

This is my experiment.  It will be eaten next year (tomorrow that is) at the afternoon tea with my in-laws. 
Maybe I should add an extra drop of rum.....

Oh, and yes, the cat found the leftover milk mixture and had a ball !

Enjoy the new year everybody - and I wish you all a lot of knitting and other pleasures in life !

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  1. Looks very good!!! Wish you a happy new year!!!

  2. Looks very good. Your knitting club sounds like fun!! Wish you a happy new year too!!

  3. If you want to meet us in Bruges: http://naaldzang.blogspot.be/

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