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maandag 30 april 2012

Patchwork bag is ready.

I have spent this morning finishing a project that was waiting for just some little pieces.

Ready for some shopping !

I had made the patchwork this winter, and only needed to make a lining, add both together and stich on the handles. 
But there was always something that needed my attention. So, the little bag was dissapearing in the pile of UFO's...  
This afternoon I'm going shopping with my sister.  And that was just the incentive I needed to finish the bag.  You see, we are always proud to show eachother our work, and comment on it with a lot of waaws and OMG's.   

adding little flowers on the patchwork...

and some vintage buttons ...

some funky handles in green

that's the pattern I'm following

the lining : I added a little space to put my cell phone in
I didn't have the fabric for the lining.  But then we had a 'fashion swap' and Anita's trousers were just perfect for this bag....   Sometimes recycling just happens, when you don't expect it. And no euro's needed!

pattern comes from this gorgeous French book

A morning filled with creativity &needlework, is a morning well spent.

and the sun is finally shining !

vrijdag 27 april 2012

chocolate cupcakes

When one's birthday is coming up, it is better to be prepared !

 Especially when you are like me, and share that sad moment with all the people you meet on that day.  Even the girl at the checkout in my local supermarket....   where I bought :

Since it is the last birthday starting with a '4', I'm celebrating this with a splash of chocolate cupcakes.

I bought the baking mix at Action Shop, and it turned out to be of great quality, and easy to make.
I added eggs and  butter, and let the machine do its work.

the dough is now ready for the oven

20 minutes at 180 °C

add the topping- I used a piping bag- sprinkle the chocolates on

they look great, and ready in no-time.
I can't offer you a real one, but in my heart they are for all of you -  readers of my little blog !

donderdag 26 april 2012

button bracelet

I have a big box filled to the brim with buttons.  A lot of them are really old, like in mother-of-pearl, or even in bakelite.  (before plastic was invented, many objects were made of bakelite - a chemical substance, invented by  Belgian professor Baekelant,  in 1909, I am proud to say...)

some buttons were gifts from my mother, some even from my grandmother.  some I buy at fleamarkets or in second hand stores. 

There is something irresistable about buttons :  the shapes, the colours, the sizes...
so, I am always on the lookout for nice things to do with all my buttons.

This is my latest experiment : a quick and easy bracelet.

a selection of buttons sewn on elastic band

It was fun choosing the colours

how do you photograph a bracelet ?

ok, just on my arm then...

woensdag 25 april 2012

question answered !

I have found out about the Dutch hat similar to the doll's hat I bought in Bruges.

Apparently it is a traditional hat from Gelderland in the Netherlands.

Thank you internet, and all the people who gave me advice !  If anybody can add more information, I would be glad !  This is what I found :

a baby cap with a star pattern was for a girl

knitting descriptions from the early 1900s

the first part is knitting a star

the finished hat.

dinsdag 24 april 2012

a flax hat

I have made a hat, in the style of the 1920ies.  

Ready for Ascot !

it is a good fit, but will I dare to wear it ?
It is made of flax and cotton, a very easy technique involving a balloon and wallpaperglue.

just a plain balloon coverd with fabric

and lots of glue

the next layer is flax fibers
When it is dry, it is a firm base that you can cut, trim and pimp with anything you like....
You can also add lace, buttons, feathers, and go all the way.  With a hat like that, you are definately ready for the horseraces at Ascot....
I doubt if I will ever wear it....  but it was great fun making it!  I really liked to work with the material, and the creativity involved.   Anyway, it's just a first try-out, I'm sure I will explore this technique a bit further during the hext holidays.

This one was an example our teacher Charlotte brought along, a gorgeous piece of headware ! 

Charlotte of Charlepeau was the teacher, and she makes all sorts of lovely hats.  Check out her website here

And here you see a few of the hats that were made by the other girls in this workshop...

zondag 15 april 2012

an old treasure and a question for you

I met another knitter in Bruges, and we had a very nice conversation.  This lady knits all sorts of clothes for dolls and teddybears.  She uses old cottons and linnens, with stains and colour fading.  That is how she obtains a result that looks very old, but in fact was knitted only last week... !  How clever is that !

it is such a fine knit, only 7 cm big !
 She has a very special pattern for a little hat, and I couldn't resist buying one.  It is so cute !  I think it is based on a pattern used in the Netherlands, for traditional headwear of the Dutch women in one of the regions there. Am I right ?   Perhaps one of my Dutch followers knows more about it ?  I would appreciate it very much if you could give me some more information about this pattern, it seems very exciting to knit !

I like the 2 colours she used, she started with the circle

such a fine finishing, all knitted scallops

Even in het Nederlands :

Ik had een gesprek met een mevrouw uit Brugge, die poppenkleedjes en berenkleedjes breit.  Ze gebruikt daarvoor oude resten katoen en vlas, met vlekjes en kleurverschillen in.  Zo verkrijgt ze een oud resultaat, maar zijn de kleertjes wel nog maar pas gebreid.  Leuk gevonden !
Maar wat ik heel mooi vond is een speciaal patroon dat ze gebruikt voor een mutsje.  Het wordt gebreid vanuit een cirkel, waaraan ze dan de rest verder breit, zodat er een soort kapje ontstaat.  Volgens mij is dat een patroon dat ook gebruikt wordt in de Nederlandse traditionele dames kostuums.  Meer weet ik er niet van, uit welke regio of stad, maar misschien kan er iemand van mijn Nederlandse volgers een tip van de sluier oplichten ? 
Het lijkt me een prachtig patroon om te breien... !

woensdag 11 april 2012

time is on my side

Hello dear followers,

It is the second week of my Easter holiday, and the weather here is bad.  It's cold, raining, and I don't want to get out of my house.  So I've been spending a lot of time in front of my laptop, and I have surfed around a lot on all your blogs.  I have found some treasures all over the world, and you will probably notice that there are many new little icons on the right side.

I have updated my blog to the new interface, and it works fine. I  just have to get used to the new layout.
And I have updated my account on ravelry, added some new projects and found inspiration for a million other stuff I want to knit....

I have also spent some time finishing a beautiful pattern by Kate Davies, the paper dolls.  A picture of the finished project is about to follow.....

And last but not least, I've finished the 2 necklaces I have crocheted according to the Veerle Maes pattern.  One for me, one for my sister - she can choose.

1 red and 1 blue

with an easy way of closing, all crochet

I used 2 sewing threads together for the mêlé effect

This evening I'll be following a new workshop by Mieke Recour. She works with silk and makes lovely jewelry - so I'm quite excited.

isn't it gorgeous ?  I would like to learn how to make this !

And next week I will go to a workshop 'making a hat in flax' with charlepeau
So, a lot of exciting things in the near future.
Folow the blog and you will learn more about it !

maandag 9 april 2012

converse baby booties - photo tutorial

I really like these booties, they are a perfect gift for a baby boy.  But the free pattern description I found on Ravelry is not so easy.  So I took some pitures while I was knitting them, to make a photo - tutorial.  A picture tells more and is sometimes easier to follow.
They are knit on 2 needles, and I used 2,5 mm needles. the wool is actually for 3 or 3.5 mm needles, but I prefer a firm knit for little shoes.
here goes :  (Dutch translation in green)

This is what you need
The main colour is white, the complementary colour is red.  Split the red in 2 skeins.  You will also need a tool to put stitches apart, like a huge safety pin.

Het hoofdkleur is wit.  Het tweede kleur is rood.  Splits het rood in 2 bolletjes.  Je hebt ook een stekenhouder nodig.

CO 35 stiches with white yarn
r1 : knit,  
r2 : k1, yo, k 16, yo,k1, yo, k16, yo, k1
r3 : knit - always twist the loops when you knit them, to avoid a hole
r4 : k2, yo, k16, yo, k3, yo, k16, yo, k2
r5 : knit
r6 : k3, yo, k16, yo, k5, yo, k16, yo, k3
r7 : knit
r8 : k4, yo, k16, yo, k7, yo, k16, yo, k4
r9 : knit.  you have 51 stiches on the needle.

35 steken opzetten met wit
r1 :  1 nld rechts breien 
r2 : 1r, omslag, 16r, omslag,1r, omslag,16r, omslag, 1r
r3 : rechts, om een gaatje te vermijden telkens de lus draaien voor je hem breit.
r4 :2r, omslag, 16r, omslag, 3r, omslag,16r, omslag, 2r
r5 : rechts
r6 : 3r, omslag, 16r, omslag, 5r, omslag,16r, omslag, 3r
r7 : rechts
r8 :  4r, omslag, 16r, omslag,7r, omslag,16r, omslag, 4r
r 9 : rechts.  Je hebt 51 steken op de naald.

This is how it should look

you have increases at each end and in the middle

the middel increases are triangle shaped
Continue in stockinette,  knit 2 rows in white, 1 row in red, 3 rows in white, 1 in red. You end with a knitted row

Brei verder in tricot steek.  2 nld wit, 1 nld rood, 3 nld wit, 1 nld rood.  De laatste rij is een rechtse.

you have now knitted 7 rows in stockinette
Now, purl 19 stitches in red, 13 stitches in white, 19 in red. Use the 2nd skein for the last 19 red stitches.

Nu brei je 19 steken averechts in rood, 13 steken averechts in wit, 19 steken averechts in rood.  gebruik het 2e bolletje rood voor deze laatste 19 steken.

the middle stiches in white will form the white tip of the shoe
Now follow these instructions precisely :

1 : k19 in red, k 10 in white.  there remain 3 white stitches.  Slip 1, knit 1, pass over the slipped stitch.  Only 1 white stitch remains on the needle.  You don't knit it.  Turn to start a purl row.
2 : Slip 1 stitch, purl 7 white stitches.  There remain 3 white stitches.  Purl 2 stitches together.  There remains 1 white stitch on the needle.  Do not knit it, turn again to start the next knitting row.

volg de instructies precies : 
1 : 19 rechts in rood, 10 steken rechts in wit.  Er blijven nog 3 witte steken op de naald.  Breng 1 steek over zonder te breien, brei de volgende steek, haal de ongebreide lus over deze steek.  Er blijft 1 witte steek over op de naald.  Brei ze NIET, draai je werk om averechts te beginnen.
2 : haal 1 steek af zonder te breien, brei 7 averechts, er zijn 3 witte steken over op je naald.  Brei 2 averechts samen.  laat 1 witte steek ongebreid staan.  Draai je werk om rechts te breien. 

so far, so good !
3 : slip 1 stitch, k7, then slip 1 white stitch, knit 1, pass over the slipped stitch. there are no white stitches left on the needle.  turn.

3 : 1 steek afhalen, brei 7 rechts.  Er zijn 2 witte over : haal 1 steek af, brei de volgende, haal de afgehaalde lus over.  Er zijn geen witte steken over.  Draai je werk.

at the turning point...
4 : slip 1 stitch, purl 7 stitches, purl 2 stitches together.  Turn.

4 : 1 steek afhalen, 7 averechts, 2 averechts samen breien.  Draai.

Congrats ! You're doing fine ! Whipe off that sweat on your forehead.
5 : slip 1 stitch, k7, slip the last white stitch without knitting it, knit 1 red. pass over the white stitch. Make sure you twist the white and red thread on the back of your work, to avoid funny loose stiches.

5 : haal 1 steek af.  7 rechts, haal de laatste witte steek af, brei 1 rode rechts, haal de witte lus over de rode steek.  zorg ervoor dat je de witte en rode draad kruist aan de achterkant van je werk, zo voorkom je rare losse steken.

cross just before you knit.  Pull tight.
6 : slip 1 stitch, p 7 in white, cross the threads at the back of your work, purl together the next 2 stitches with the red thread. (1 white stitch and 1 red stitch).  Turn.

6 : 1 afhalen, 7 averechts in wit, kruis draden, brei de volgende 2 steken averechts samen met een rode draad.  (1witte en 1 rode steek) Draai.

picture taken just before I knitted the 2 last stiches together.

7 : Slip 1 red stitch, cross the threads, cont. in white, k7, cross the threads, cont. in red, slip next stitch, k1, pass over slipped stitch. Turn.
8 : slip 1 red stitch, purl the next white stitch in red, cross threads and cont. in white.  p5, cross threads, cont. in red.  p1 white stitch in red, purl the next 2 red stitches together, turn.

7 : 1 rode steek afhalen, kruis draden, brei verder in wit, 7r, kruis draden, werk verder in rood.  haal 1 rode steek af, brei 1 steek rechts, haal vorige steek over. Draai. 
8 : 1 rode steek afhalen, de volgende witte steek averechts in rood breien, kruis draden, brei 5 st averechts in wit, kruis draden, de volgende witte steek averechts in rood breien, de volgende 2 averechts samen breien in rood. Draai. 

the nose of the shoe is shaping well.
9 : Slip 1 stitch, knit the next 2 stitches in red, cross threads, cont. in white, k3, cross threads, cont. in red, knit the next 2 stitches with red, slip 1 stitch, k1, pass over slipped stitch. Turn.
10 : Only red from now on. You can cut the white thread. Slip 1 stitch, p7, p 2 together, turn.

9 : Haal 1 steek af, brei de 2 volgende steken in rood, kruis je draden, brei 3 steken rechts in wit, kruis je draden, brei de volgende 2 steken rechts in rood, haal 1steek af zonder breien, brei 1, haal de vorige lus over. Draai.
10 : vanaf nu is alles in rood.  je mag de witte draad afknippen. haal 1 steek af,   7 averechts, 2 averechts samen breien.  Draai.

11 : slip 1, k7, slip 1, k1, pass over slipped stitch. Turn.
12 : slip 1, p7, p 2 together, turn.
13 : slip 1, k7, slip1, k1, pass over slipped stitch. Turn.
14 : slip 1, p7, p 2 together. Turn.
15 : slip 1, k7, slip 1, knit 1, pass over slipped stitch, knit to the end of the row.
16 : p 21, purl 2 together, purl to the end of the row.  You have now 35 stiches on the needle.

11 : 1 steek afhalen, 7 rechts, 1 steek afhalen, 1 breien, de vorige steek overhalen. Draai.
12 : 1 steek afhalen, 7 averechts, 2 samen averechts breien, draai.
13 : 1 steek afhalen, 7 rechts, 1afhalen, 1 breien, de vorige steek overhalen.  Draai.  
14 : 1 steek afhalen, 7 averechts, 2 av. samenbreien. Draai.
15 : 1 steek afhalen, 7 rechts, 1 afhalen, 1 breien, de vorige overhalen, brei tot het einde van de rij. 
16 : 21 averechts, 2 av samenbreien, av. tot het einde van de rij.
Je hebt nu 35 steken.

I know it looks very funny.  But that's ok. Have a good laugh.
Now you start knitting 1 side of the shoe. You will also form 3 little openings to put the shoelaces through.

Knit 11 stiches in red, yo, knit 2 stitches toghether, knit 1.  Put all the remaining stiches on the safety pin.

Nu brei je het zijkantje van het schoentje.  Je gaat 3 kleine gaatjes maken om de vetertjes door te rijgen. 
in rood : brei 11 steken rechts, maak een lus, brei 2 steken rechts samen, brei 1 steek.  Zet alle overige steken op de stekenhouder.  Die heb je even niet nodig. 

continue as follows :
k11, k 2 togehter, k1
k 10, yo, knit 2 toghether, k1
k 10, k 2 together, k1
k 9, yo, k 2 together, k1
k 9, knit 2 together, k1
knit the next row.
Knit and bind off.  (the last 2 rows are knitted to form a little bord.)

vervolg : 
brei averechts
11 rechts, 2 samenbreien, 1 r
10 r, lus maken, 2 samenbreien, 1r
10 r, 2 samenbreien, 1r
9r; 1 lus, 2 samenbreien, 1r
9r, 2 samenbreien, 1r
volgende rij rechts
volgende rij rechts afkanten.  
De laatste 2 rijen zijn rechts om een boordje te vormen. 

binding off.
Now make the second side as follows :

pick up 14 stiches from the stichholder. (leave 7 stiches on it)
k1, slip 1 stitch, k1, pass over, yo, k11
k1, slip 1 stitch, k1, pass over, k11
k1, slip 1 stitch, k1, pass over, yo, k10
k1, slip 1 stitch, k1, pass over, k10
k1, slip 1 stitch, k1, pass over, yo, k9
k1, slip 1 stitch, k1, pass over, k9
knit and BO

Brei nu de andere kant. 
14 steken oppakken (laat er 7 op de hulpnaald)
1rechts, 1st afhalen, 1r, de lus overhalen, maak een lus, 11 rechts
1 rechts, 1 st afhalen, 1r, de lus overhalen, 11 rechts
1 rechts, 1 st afhalen, 1r, de steek overhalen, lus maken, 10 rechts
1 rechts, 1 st afhalen, 1r, de steek overhalen, 10 rechts
 1 rechts, 1 st afhalen, 1r, de steek overhalen,lus maken,  9 rechts
 1 rechts, 1 st afhalen, 1r, de steek overhalen, 9 rechts
rechts en afkanten

pick up 14 stiches

you make 3 little eyelets on one side for the shoelaces
Now we are nearly finished !
With the remaining 7 stitches, you will make the little tongue
r 1: knit 7
r2 : purl 7
r3 : k1, p5, 1r
r4 : k7
r5 : k1, p5, k1
r6 : k7
r7 : k1, p5, k1
r8 : k7
r9 : k1, p5, k1
r10 : slip 1 stitch, k1, pass over, k3, knit 2 together
r11 : purl
r12 : BO

Met de laatste 7 steken brei je het lipje. 
r1 : 7 rechts
r2 : 1r, 5av, 1r
r3 : 7 rechts
r4 : 1r, 5av, 1r
r5 : 7rechts
r6 : 1r, 5av, 1r
r7 : 7 rechts
r8 : 1r, 5av, 1r
r9 : 7 rechts
r10 : 1 st afhalen, 1breien, de vorige st overhalen, 3r, 2r samenbreien
r11 : averechts
r12 : rechts afkanten

finished !

Make another identical one.

stop de draadjes in.  carefully weave in ends

sew back seam, naai achterkant dicht

sew bottom seam, naai onderkant samen.

add 2 laces - 2 lintjes als veters inrijgen
if you want, you can sew 2 felted rounds on each side to complete the look.

Well, that's it folks !  Good luck with making your booties !  It's been a long explication, and I do hope that everything is clear.  But if you find a mistake, or if something is not clear, please let me know !

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