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dinsdag 24 april 2012

a flax hat

I have made a hat, in the style of the 1920ies.  

Ready for Ascot !

it is a good fit, but will I dare to wear it ?
It is made of flax and cotton, a very easy technique involving a balloon and wallpaperglue.

just a plain balloon coverd with fabric

and lots of glue

the next layer is flax fibers
When it is dry, it is a firm base that you can cut, trim and pimp with anything you like....
You can also add lace, buttons, feathers, and go all the way.  With a hat like that, you are definately ready for the horseraces at Ascot....
I doubt if I will ever wear it....  but it was great fun making it!  I really liked to work with the material, and the creativity involved.   Anyway, it's just a first try-out, I'm sure I will explore this technique a bit further during the hext holidays.

This one was an example our teacher Charlotte brought along, a gorgeous piece of headware ! 

Charlotte of Charlepeau was the teacher, and she makes all sorts of lovely hats.  Check out her website here

And here you see a few of the hats that were made by the other girls in this workshop...

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Schitterend gedaan. Ik ben zeer blij met jullie resultaten.
    Doe zo verder. Laat je creativiteit maar vloeien en niet bang zijn om iets uit te proberen. Vele grts, Charlotte


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