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zondag 20 november 2011

triangle scarf is ready !

My triangle scarf with the pompons is ready, just in time for the cold weather that has hit us.

As the rest of my country enjoyed some sunny autumn days, we at the coast area were coverd in a thick fog, with very cold temperatures. 
The weatherman called it 'inversion', meaning all the heavy clouds gathered above our heads and stayed there....   to top it all, our heating broke down, and went into 'security' so we couldn't light it up anymore, due to this bad weather.  The exhaust fumes of the burnt gas couldn't escape because of the thick fog above our house.   15 ° C in my living room.....   that called out for warm scarves.... 

It was a long time ago - but I remembered how to make pompons !

a long scarf to wind around your neck 3 times.
I found the original idea on the wonderful and inspirational blog of Norwegian Lone, at flowermouse design

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een geweldig leuke sjaal!!
    Mooi werk!

    Groetjes Geriene

  2. Congratulations - it looks fantastic. Isn´t just fun to wear?? You did a great job - thank you for your credit!!!

  3. Wat een heerlijke, warme sjaal. Ik wou dat ik af en toe naar je breiclubje kon komen!


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