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zondag 6 november 2011

Pleased to meet you !

let me introduce myself : I am Henry.  I am the first teddy-bear made by Rozemie. 

I am completely hand stiched, no machine was used in the proces of making me.
My creator did have a bit of help from the world famous teddybear maker Karin. 
And also from her sister, Veerle, the second best bear maker of Flanders.

I must say, she did make a few mistakes.  I have a little trouble sitting up straight because my joints are just a tiny bit too loose, it seems.   But hey, who's perfect ?  And anyway, perfection is boring.

I am also proud to present my little brother : Paldi. 

He's a German bear, a cute little fellow.  He's the second bear she made, in a weeks time.  Perhaps my creator is becoming a bit obsessed....   she hasn't made any mistakes with this one, he can sit up straight !  The only thing that is worrying us, is that we feel a bit naked.  perhaps someone will knit us something nice to wear ?
here I am, still blind...  where are my eyes ???

They are right there in the box, with my ears...

Who's that nice lady helping me with my ears ?

Oh !  It's Veerle.  she knows what she's doing !

Yep !  looking better.

Helloooow world !

In the proces of making my little brother Paldi
eyes and ears ok, now for the nose....

We are sitting together

waiting for another brother.....

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh, this was a lovely story. I really enjoyed reading it. You two guys are lucky to have such a great mom. Welcome to the world - you look gorgeous!!!

  2. hé dat was leuk om lezen en zien ! Heel geslaagd hoor !

  3. Wat een aandoenlijke beertjes, knap gemaakt!
    Super leuke gezellige foto-story :-)

  4. They are adorable! Lovely story! Maybe they will get also a sister?

  5. Oh wat leuk die beertjes maken!
    Leuke foto''s ook:)

    Groet Geriene


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