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woensdag 22 juni 2011

Cath Kidston bag

Since I have been on the sewing workshop, I have rediscovered the fun in sewing.  It is like a bug, leaves you alone for a while, and then it bites you again.  There you go again : installing all the machinery, choosing fabric and cutting it into a pattern.  And then the puzzle begins : what do you sew first ? 
How do you pimp it up ?   But when the object is finished you are so proud !

bought in Brugge in the new Veritas concept store

I used to make many dresses and skirts.  But now I prefer to keep it simple, and small.  So when I found this book by Cath Kidston, I was thrilled with all the great patterns.  It is a real treasure trove. I have made the bag that is pictured on the cover of the book.  So lovely, how can you resist ?

the fabric and the label were included in the book

I used my own vintage buttons

a perfect bag for my knitting...

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Hij is Prachtig geworden, ik heb hem vorig jaar gemaakt, Groetjes Esther.

  2. Hi:-)
    It acts for so well,exactly the way You've described,though...I will not come back to sewing so soon.
    The design's so fine.Also the fabric's so cute.
    Smart final effect.

  3. Die is mooi Rozemie ! Knap gedaan !

  4. Ik heb het boek ook, maar in de normale Veritas gekocht ;)
    Was aan het overwegen om die tas vandaag te maken!

  5. Oh, hij is leuk! Ik heb er al vaak mee in mijn handen gestaan.. wel niet.. ;-) Fijn weekend vast!


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