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zaterdag 18 juni 2011

pick your own

Today, we had a wonderful day at PurFruit, the biological fruitfarm in Oeselgem. 
We went there to pick lots and lots of fruit, grown with respect for nature, without any pesticides.  Everything is cultivated in a biological way.  The fruit tastes just marvelous, and cannot be compared to what you buy at the supermarket.

The farm just opened at the beginning of June, and they had red and yellow raspberries, red and white current, cassis, jostaberries and green and red goosberries.  Plenty of choice !

After the long drive, we started with a cup of coffee...

the raspberries were ready to be picked

You get a bucket and you pick as much as you like.

Yellow raspberries in abundance

At the entrance is marked what fruit is ripe and ready to be picked.

You can have your lunch in the garden.

They also serve blueberry cakes.  Yummy !
Winnie laughing her head off with me...
I was picking cassis, when all of a sudden I noticed a BEAST in my bucket !!!  I yelled and did a silly dance, hoping it would fly away.  But it didn't, it had no wings....   but lots and lots of feet....   I danced and yelled a bit more, and it dissappeared.  I'm a city person.  I have no garden.  I am scared of little things with many feet.  Unfortunately some English tourists that were peacefully picking their fruit, looked at me with their eyebrows very high on their foreheads.  They must have thought I went crazy -  or had a heartattack.  5 minutes later, it happened again.  Winnie nearly fell over with laughter.  I went to pick gooseberries instead.

Lilianne loaded with fruit

What shall we pick next ?

Having a rest ... with a piece of cake and tea...  Heaven !

All our buckets waiting to be weighed and payed for...
And then we went home, and in the evening the house smelled of jam ...

If you want to visit the Purfruit farm, 
or want some more information, have a look at their website here

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