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donderdag 9 juni 2011

very very fine crochet necklace

I have finished another necklace in crochet !  This time I used a double thread of plain sewing cotton.  The hook is nr 1, and the work is really bad for your eyes.  But hey, the result is nice - so who cares about sore eyes.

I started with a little closing ball.  It's a small wooden bead that I crocheted around.  Then the tube, and some more  balls.  I changed colours because one of the rolls of sewing cotton I used was finished.  So I added another colour, giving it a bit of a speckle. 

all the materials  I used

a few wooden beads and a hook nr 1

I started with the 1st bead

and ended with a closing bow

It is very soft around your neck.  I promised a friend to make one in 'marine' colours for her, so Helen, as soon as my eyesight returns, I'll start on that project.

I made one earlier, in 3 shades that match one of my dresses.

If you like this, do check-out the website of Veerle Maes .  She taught me how to make these in a great workshop.  She has many many other delightful designs as well....  

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi there rozemie - how lucky I was that you visited my blog. Then I got the chance to visit you. Your necklace is so lovely - and maybe you need to wish for a one of those magnifier lamps... LOL!!!! Great work!!

  2. Veel afzien voor een schoon resultaat ! ;-)

  3. Wat knap, zo'n fijne naald én dun draad én een mooi resultaat!
    Groetjes Jacqueline

  4. Hello,Rozemie:-)
    Wow!The crochet necklace is incredibly fine.I like the pink one.It's so delicate and warm in colours.You have made the fine closures for them.
    Hugs and Kisses-Halinka-

  5. Wow your necklaces are amazing, they are so fine, you must be very patient, I love the blue and green one. xx

  6. wow! What talent! Im very impressed ^_^




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