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donderdag 16 juni 2011

curious words in a virtual language

I like to read blogs, and leave a little remark to express my admiration, and a greeting from Belgium on all those wonderful blogs.

But before blogger wants to accept my response, I have to type in a strange word.  This is to check wether I'm a real person, with a brain, and not a computer, I was told. 

These words fascinate me.  I always try to read them.  And decipher them.  What could be the meaning of ambiantel,  sthoppr  or teclef ?  Who invents these words ?  Is it alien-speak ? A code ? Perhaps these words do exist in a very rare and uncommon language, or a dialect.  Perhaps I could start a completely new language with them, invent it like Tolkien did for his hobbits and elves.

Or is this just my slightly autistic inclination ?  I wonder.... 

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Haha! Funny post!
    My thoughts to this topic are that I don't like to type in those words and then my comment will be visible after approval. I think when a blogger reads all comments first, why we have to type in the verification?
    Well, but I comment anyhow.
    Groetjes, Petra

  2. Oh my ... just saw that this is the case on your site. So please delete my comment, it does not bother me. As you can see I comment anyway ;)
    Have a nice day!

  3. neen zulle, ik doe just hetzelfde ...kan het niet laten om ze toch eens uit te spreken :-)

  4. Ha, Petra, I haven't a clue how I can avoid this. Probably somewhere in the settings of blogger ? I never refuse a comment, why should I ? Nobody has asked me for money, or told me I inherited a fortune from an unknown African uncle.... We - creative people - are all very civilised bloggers, aren't we !

  5. Civilised? Speak for yourself! =P

    My first code-word for this post was "comenis" and I read "Komm und iss!". German brain.


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