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dinsdag 21 juni 2011

I made it ! Gemaakt !

Yesterday evening I went to a workshop in Brugge, where we made a skirt.
It was a lovely evening with very funny women, enjoying an evening without the kids.
We all chose different fabrics, and the skirts were easy to make, and fitted perfect.
plenty of space in the new workshop studio

concentrating on measuring

This is looking good !

all the little owls are watching me....

I chose a Japanses design by Kokka, and the print is all little owls.  I don't know what statement I am making here.  An owl is the symbol of both wisdom and stupidity in my culture.  My pupils will not be offended I hope... 

Frivolous flowers for funny fashion
measuring, choosing, cutting, everything went pico bello

I know how to make a skirt, I learned that a long time ago, in evening classes, during the 80-ies.  (yes, I'm that old... )
Back then, the way they made things was very comprehensive, 'as a dressmaker would do it'.  The correct and meticulous way.  Over the years, I have discovered many other ways to do stuff.  Easier, simpler and faster, with the same result.   And much more satisfying too !

But I had never seen this way to insert a zipper.  It's the Pritt-way....  And you know what ?  It works !
Glue keeps the zipper in place, before you stich

A last fit, and we could finish the skirt.

A simple A-line skirt flatters nearly every woman
I spent a lovely evening, and came home with a very special skirt, that fits me perfectly.  We all enjoyed ourselves, and were proud with the finished object.  Thanks Miek for the well organised workshop !

If you are intrested in the workshops she organises, have a look at her website gemaakt !  she also has a webshop where you can buy lovely fabrics and patterns.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Is this a special glue for fabrics? Or an ordinary one for paper and other stuff?
    Lovely skirt! Looks very good!

  2. super ! Wie weet hebben we ooit in the eighties samen in de naailes gezeten ... ik heb het 3 jaar volgehouden destijds.

  3. It's just plain ordinary supermarket glue like Pritt. Just enough stickyness to keep the zipper in place when you stich it.
    and Mrs. zsazsazu : who knows... It was a 3 year course indeed...

  4. Knap van je Rozemie !
    Ik heb vroeger ook naailes gevolgd maar niet volgehouden :(
    Waarvan ik nu soms toch wel een beetje spijt heb. Ach wie weet, ooit ... zal ik wel eens iets uit mijn handen toveren. We shall see :)

  5. Dank je voor je lieve reactie op mijn blog! Kleding naaien doe ik al heel lang, maar de 'Pritt'-methode kende ik nog niet. Gaat dat niet aan je naald plakken?

  6. dank voor je berichtje op mijn blog, ik ga hier ook eens lekker rondneuzen! :-)


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