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woensdag 9 maart 2011

A lovely afternoon at Kortrijk Expo

It was sunny and warm in the car when my sister and I drove to Kortrijk.  Finally a bit of sunlight and we decided to spend the afternoon INSIDE a big building....  but  filled with all sorts of crafts, we couldn't be happier.
We walked around in amazement : such a choice, so many ideas...  We visited a shop with patchwork, and bought some nice yellowish fabric with Easter in mind...   then beads and pearls and stuff to make necklaces and earrings.  Then we joined in a knit-marathon  : in 3 minutes we had to knit as many stiches as we could.  I was pleased with my result : 165 stiches.   But I was beaten by 2 stiches by my sister :  she had 167 stiches. There will have to be a revenge...
We bought books with patterns, and a leaflet to make Tilda dolls.  A set of fimo clay  with instuctions how to make flowers.   Unfortunately and very stupid : I forgot to bring my camera....   So, no pictures of us at the exposition  I'm sorry.  But this is what I got :

a passion for knitting, with lovely projects

gorgeous hats by a  Dutch designer

workshop box 'how to make flowers in fimo'

something very weird called kumihimo...
the new Tilda book...with instructions in Dutch !

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Van Kumihimo ken ik alles, maar van Tilda had ik nog nooit gehoord ! Weer iets nieuws geleerd, thanks !

  2. O'Lala-c'est MAGIFIGUE!-as the French would probably say:-)))
    Shopping,shopping around!HOW I LOVE IT!:-))
    But I have to show off as well-I also have got those *Tilda Book*,but in Norwegian language:-))
    Tell me the secret,pls: what that weird thing is-called mysteriously/in Japanese probably:-)-KUMIHIMO and what it is used for?? I am incredibly curious:-))I see also lots of fine books about knitting and crocheting-I also collect them as well as the books concerning 'beaded beads' jewellery,which I am trying to make:-)
    Greetings and Hugs-Halinka-


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