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woensdag 2 maart 2011

hobbybeurs in Kortrijk

Well, I have been jealous of my Dutch blogster friends who keep mentionning big fairs where they can go to and buy all kind of nice stuff like fabrics and wool and patterns and magazines and who meet eachother for a cup of coffee !  I had never heard of such a fair in Belgium.
But the other day, I saw a small leaflet that caught my eye :   there is going to be a fair in Belgium, and in Kortrijk of all places !  That is only a 1 hour drive from my town. 

So ladies, this weekend I am going to enjoy myself a great deal. First  I am going to pick up my sister and friday afternoon we are going to shop till we drop ...  

I will keep you informed about the stuff I am going to drag back to my den....  Oooo  I can't wait  .... you know the feeling of high expectations ? The prospect of buying something really nice ?  Yep, that's me right now.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. This looks great!
    I would go, but me and my mom are already going to 'Stoffenspektakel' in Leuven. Hopefully, we both come home with lots of lovely stuff!


  2. Niet teveel verwachten hé !
    Nog een tip :

  3. Hi,Rozemie:-)
    A Big Spending Spree...?:-))
    Such places are called by me and my Husband the'DANGEROUS ONES'-I often say-let's go to the DANGEROUS SHOP' and my Husband repeats jokingly:-'they say-they are closed today!'-hahahahaa:-)
    I love such shopping more,than buying clothes,parfumes,bags ,or shoes,as I really can wear old ones,or do without the 'recent fashion',but without woool,fabrics,laces,or other fine additions...NO!:-)


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