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vrijdag 11 maart 2011

bloghopping around...

I had some free time today (well, the floor is cleaned and still wet, so I started up the computer while it is drying)  and that 's a good excuse to go bloghopping....   I always love to see what other people are crafting, and their projects inspire me.  (I keep thinking 'oooh  I love that.  Can I make it ?' until my head spins)

Now, I was lucky to find the blog of  Jacey, a British mum who creates lovely things.  She has a give away and I can't resist to participate.  So here is the link to her blog

and this is the picture of the give away...

Now keep my fingers crossed.....

Surfin' along I found another blog that kind of pushed me into thinking about being creative.  I hesitated, but than boldly enrolled in the 'being creative' project Julia proposes.  It goes like this :
every month she has a theme.  March is 'Garden'.  You have the whole month to be creative around this theme.  At the end of the month you upload a picture of your work, and share it with the world.
It might be a good excuse for me to sit down and actually make a drawing or a painting.  It's been ages since I did that.  Or I could knit something 'gardeninsh'...  i'll give it a try.  If you'd like to participate, just visit her blog on

Well, my floor has been dry for a while now.  I suppose I better put everything back in place now, before the hungry young ones come home and want their lunch...

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Thankyou so much for popping over to my little blog, its amazing what you find when blog hopping, I can waste a whole morning looking at the wonderful things people have made.
    Thanks for mentioning me on your post. xx

  2. Hi,Rozemie:-)
    I also like sometimes to take a little walk,searching for interesting blogs,to get inspired.Once I did it more often-recently I have had no time,but this way I've found lots of very creative blogs and probably I also was found like this:-)
    Wish You a Happy Weekend!-Halinka-


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