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zondag 27 maart 2011

looking for Elisabeth Zimmerman books

You knitting fans will probably know Elisabeth Zimmerman, or at least have heard of her.  I love the way she writes her books : it's like she's sitting right next to you, enjoying a cup of tea and talking about knitting and giving you a load of useful tips and tricks in the meantime.  I am proud to be the owner of 'Knitting without tears' and 'Knitter's Almanac'.  I have read them from cover to cover.  I had to order these books in America, and payed more for the postage costs to Belgium then for the book itself.  But it was worth it !

Now I am desperately seeking a collection of EZ's newsletters from the fifties and sixties, published under the name 'The opinionated knitter'.
this is how the book looks

 It is no longer available in print, so here is my question : is there anybody out there who has this book ?  And could I lend it to read it, or even buy it from you ?    Perhaps it belonged to your (grand)mother and you don't want it ?  Please let me know.  Anybody ?

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