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zaterdag 12 maart 2011

handmade necklace

Last Thursday there was a jewelery workshop at Zynnad. 
I made this new necklace, using very colourful beads.  To me they shout : sun, summer,sleeveless tops...
They are a natural stone, with a little bit of chalk in them.  (that's the little white freckels).  By wearing the necklace, the warmth and grease of my skin will make the beads shiny and the chalk will dissapeare more or less. 

It was a lot of work : every bead is kettled (linked, joining the beads on little metal sticks, making a loop and joining the next stick on that - are you still with me ???)  and this gives the zigzag look.
Thanks to the good explanation of Lindsey I managed it quite right and I'm very glad with the result. 

Winnie joined me for the first time and found it rather difficult.  It is a very intensive methode, and you have to have a steady hand and good eyes to make all the little loops.

Lindsey's mum is helping to choose -  there's a huge amount of beads
Winnie chose black and red and silver accents
all my beads are ready to be joined
that's the result of somebody else, all black and grey
busy busy busy
Winnie needing help
this is the result !
the yellow and green I like very much
Winnie's chain looked great, but the black turned out to be dark aubergine...
If you want more information about Zynnad, look here :

2 opmerkingen:

  1. ben ook zot van die gekalkte agaat, maar helaas gaan ze rap blinken.
    Leuke resultaten van de workshop.

  2. HI,ROZEMIE:-)
    The jewellery workshop reminds me something...my own boxes with beads and my own collection of them:-)
    I rarely make the jewells now,but I promissed myself to come bach to it,when Summer comes-it's a very good time to make it in an open air,when the sun is shinning.
    The necklaces are very pretty in all versions,but I love the first one most.
    The connections of stones look fine-very modern-it's a good pattern-looks prefect on the model.


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