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Breiclub in Oostende : elke woensdagavond van 19 u - 21 u !

woensdag 2 maart 2011

A friend in Denmark

I follow a few blogs of people who share my crafting intrests.  One of them is Halina.  Perhaps you have read some of her comments here.  She lives in Denmark, and she makes wonderful dolls and juwels and paintings.  One of her many talents is her imagination : her creations all have a personality and live a life of their own.  Each time she comes up with stories and pictures that read like a book.
Now she has a give away.

She won't tell, it's a surprise.  But here 's a link to her blog.  Check out for yourselves !

1 opmerking:

  1. THANK YOU,ROZEMIE...If Only You had been able to see me...I rarely get blushed...but now...heeeeh-THANK YOU ONCE MORE-YOU'RE INCREDIBLE!:-)


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