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maandag 10 januari 2011


I haven't stopped wearing the noro wristwarmers !  They are sooo pleasant to wear.  So I thought about making another pair. Cuffs, or wristlets are so simple to make, no trouble about thumbs or fingers -much easier than mittens.  You can finish a pair in an evening. So I spend some time on ravelry (hours, as usual)  searching for the best pattern and found this ajour pattern that I liked.  Originally it was with beads, but I left that part out.  I am a bit fed up with beads after the holidays.  I used a skein of greenish beige cotton that I found in my stash.  This is the result :

very elegant, don't you think ?

the pattern is available as a free ravelry download.  You can find it here :

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooi gedaan hoor, deze sjieke polswarmers.
    Ook je omslagdoek van Noro is leuk geworden.
    En je bent niet de enige die zo lang op Ravelry blijft hangen!

  2. Hi:-)
    Ajour pattern for wristwarmers is WONDERFUL...and You say-it could be knitted in one evening? ... heh ... I am so slow at knitting and crocheting,that it would take me much more.Clearly saying-I have no practics in such patterns,but I'd try someday:-)
    Best Regards-Halina-

  3. Hoi Rozemie,

    Mooie polswarmers zeg! Daar kun je wel de blits mee maken...

    Harrie is inderdaad mijn hond, haha.

    Groetjes maartje

  4. Hoi Rozemie, wat heb je mooie dingen gemaakt, Super allemaal, ik ga je vanaf nu volgen, Groetjes Esther.


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