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zaterdag 29 januari 2011

more crochet potholders

As I was putting the new potholders in my cupboard, I found some other potholders I made in pre-blog times.  I do use many, baking cakes and other stuff ...
Many of them were give-aways.  I make them in the colours of the kitchen on demand.  They are always a nice present for a student going away 'op kot', or for young couples starting in their 1st appartment. 
So here are some quick and easy patterns...

you can find this 'crazy dishcloth' on ravelry

these are my first ever, learned at school how to make them

great intarsia crochet
This one I bought, payed nearly 9 euros for it !

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi.Rozemie:-)
    Ready made ones and bought are nice,but I couldn't even suspect,that they can be expensive as for this type of crochet thing.The rest of them-nice patterns-I like the checked ones:-)Ido not use them in my kitchen,as all my pots have the melamina handles and they alwaysstay cool,but sometimes I use gloves,mostly,when bake in electric oven.The gloves of course sewed by me:-)
    Best Regards-Halinka-

  2. Leuk ! Heb er ook nog zo liggen van destijds op school :-)

  3. Ja, inderdaad, één van onze eerste haakwerkjes op school, maar ik vind ze wel heel leuk en veel degelijker dan al de rest!
    Groetjes van Trudis

  4. wat een mooie pannenlapjes heb je daar.
    Altijd leuk om te maken

    Groet, Lilly

  5. Ik vind ze alle 6 super leuk geworden, Fijne week groetjes Esther.


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