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maandag 24 januari 2011

An unfortunate accident ...

It's just horrible !  I washed my son's pullover in the machine, and it turned out like this.....   

it's felted, horror, horror

It is now the size of a small kid, instead of an 18-year old

I've been pulling at it, but it's too damaged

Did I really put the temperature at 30 ° instead of handwash ???  Am I going crazy ?
Such a beautiful pullover it was, and expensive wool as well.  I knitted it 2 winters ago, and it took me quite a while to knit.   I am soooo mad at myself.  How could this happen ?  I have washed it hundreds of times allready.  And now this.  I'm going to cry....

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi,Rozemie:-)
    Nooooo,You're not getting crazy...Do not cry-Happens sometimes.My Mom did the same once.I had a Scottish,light blue,woolen blouse,with a beautiful pattern around the neck.The swetater was so sweet and my Mom didn't realise,it had been somehow mixed with other clothes and washed with them together.When was taken from the machine...it was looking the same,but was not for me any ore.My four year old Daughter that time,was happy to have it:-)
    It's a pity,of course,but this is not the end of the world:-)Look for a small child,for whom this sweater will fit perfectly-You'll make the child happy this way:-)

  2. You can use it to make some else ... a bag, jewelry ... let your inspiration flow !

  3. Hallo Rozemie,

    wat een erger met die trui,echt zonde hoor.

    Ik wilde me aanmelden als volger, maar het lukt niet. Probeer het morgen wel weer

    Groetjes, Lilly

  4. Hoi Rozemie ,wat jammer van je trui, maar je moet hem nu niet weg gooien hoor, je kunt er een leuk tas van naaien. Groetjes Esther.

  5. Oh, poor you, what a disaster! I hope that you manage to put the felt to good use.

    Thank you for visiting us and for your comments. You should definitely knit and Aviatrix, it's a fab pattern! Laura x


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