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zaterdag 22 januari 2011

An abundance of wool - OMG !

Today, I am a happy knitter.
A friend of mine, has collected an enormous amount of wool for me.  She asked around, and many people seem to have left overs and even new skeins of wool that they happily parted with.  Yesterday I was given this huge bag full of wool.  I felt like a kid in a toy store at Sinterklaas.
All of this, for me ???  

This is only half of it.  My table isn't big enough !

And to top it all off, there was a collection of beautiful buttons too.  Big buttons, probably from coats, and lovely colours, even some wooden ones and mother-of-pearl, and collectables in bakelite.
If you look up, you'll see me floating around in seventh heaven !  

Now there is a question, that perhaps you more experienced knitters can help me with.  In the bag there were also 2 big white skeins of very soft creamy coloured wool.  I think it has some mohair in it.  But they are a bit dirty, and they are a bit smelly. 
My question is : how do I clean them without destroying them?  Could I try to wash it ?  Any tips or tricks how I can dry it ?  And also, how do I untangle this in a practical way and roll them into a ball ?  Many thanks in advance for your help ! 

here are the 2 skeins that need cleaning

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Heeeeeeeeeeeee:-)HAPPY ROZEMIE!:-)
    'Like a child in a toy store'-I know that feeling-each time I visit shops with wool and other additions for sewing.Mostly I love 'Panduro-Hobby'which I advertise in the side strap of my blog, and where I spend real'fortune' each time I go there:-)
    You must be lucky,to have been given such amount of wool and pretty buttons collection.
    Best Regards-Halina-

  2. Hoi Rozemie,
    Wat een bofferd ben jij!
    Ik zou de strengen eerst op diverse plaatsen losjes afbinden zodat alles niet in de knoop gaat zitten. Een uurtje in handwarm water zetten, eventueel met weinig wolwasmiddel. Daarna wat op en neer in en uit het water bewegen steeds de andere kant van de streng vastpakken. Als je denkt dat de strengen wel schoon genoeg zijn veel spoelen zodat alle wasmiddel eruit is. In een wasnetje in de centrifuge draaien en dan de strengen ophangen om te drogen.
    Er zijn paraplumolens om de strengen rond te doen en wolmolentjes om er bolletjes van te draaien.
    Als het echte wol is: niet te veel wringen en kneden en ook geen grote temperatuurverschillen in het water, anders gaat het vervilten.


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