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vrijdag 21 januari 2011

knitting patterns from 1933

hi readers ! 
Some time ago I went to a sell-out of wool and other knitting stuff.  Amongst all the skeins there was also a little grubby booklet that caught my eye.  On the front page there was a black 'n white picture of a girl wearing a lovely knitted coat.

I picked it up and started to leaf through the stained pages.  I just couldn't believe my eyes.  It is a knitting pattern book, published in 1933.  That's 77 years ago....   The beautiful patterns are really touching : knitted underwear for children, warm bedsocks for adults, a fine lace collar for fashionable ladies...  It felt like I took a trip with a time machine, because my grandmother used to knit very similar underwear (singlets and collars)  for me and my sister when we were little children.

The language is in old spelling.  Dutch has had a few updates in the last couple of years, and the way this book is spelled takes some adjusting for modern eyes.  The patterns are quite well described though.  I might even have a go at one, just to see what it's like.

Have a look at these lovely pictures, maybe you'll remember too....

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Vooral die onderste foto is geweldig!!!!!

  2. Lekker nostalgisch ..

    Je breiwerkjes vind ik heel mooi Rozemie .

    Nog een prettig weekend ... :)


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