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dinsdag 3 juli 2012

granny squares bag

My first attempt at the famous granny squares ! 


well, first isn't quite right, I remember having made plenty when I was in my teens.  They were very fashionable then.  I made a poncho and a cushion, for my mum (she still has it !)

Now I'm into bags.  The old felted one is getting a bit worn out, so it's time for a new one. 
I started it with the summer in mind, hoping for some sunshine, and choose beach colours.

 A very bright combination, it makes me happy to walk around with it, even if the sun isn't shining as it should. 

I chose a nice dotted lining, from Rebecca's collection.  But the result wasn't quite what i expected.  too fluffy, it had not enough strenght.
So i undid the lining, and added a plastic sort of lining, I secured it to the grannies on the inside, and then finished with the dotted fabric.  That's much better !
it's light and invisible,  but gives body to the bag
the bag can stand up straight
I added 3 side - grannies for more volume

It can easily hold a book.
I'm happy with my new bag !

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