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donderdag 5 juli 2012

knitting a poncho

I have discovered knitting with a loom.  it was very easy and a quick way to make rectangles.
Now what can you do with a rectangle ? 
When you have 2, you can make a poncho. 
So I knitted another one, put them together, added fringes and ladida :

It's very easy to make a poncho. 
Here is the explication :
first you knit 2 rectangles of aprox. 50 cm to 70 cm.
If you knit it on needles, use big needles and fine wool to create a light effect.
Sew together like on the drawing I made.

the part that isn't sewn remains open for your head.
2 rectangles

join together here

fold and sew 2nd seam
Now you can add fringes.
cut (a lot of) strings of aprox. 26 cm.  I used an old wooden board that had the right size.

wrap it around several times, then cut one side open

4 threads form 1 fringe

     Fold the string of 4 double, and pull that through a stich on the edge of the poncho

put the hook through a stich and pull the 4 threads through

make a loop

pass the threads through hte loop

pull tightly
Continue until you have fringes all around the hem.  Don't underestimate this work, it takes quite some time to finish this properly.  It also consumes a lot of yarn.

Finally, add some buttons or a brooch to the front of the poncho.

Have fun making your own poncho !

me showing off my poncho at chic et pas cher...

2 opmerkingen:

  1. What a great idea - and it looks like a million dollar!! Thank you for the tip!!

  2. Hij staat je geweldig! De poncho staat intussen op mijn to make-lijstje.


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