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zondag 8 juli 2012

circular needles in a bag

I have several circular needles, but I have a serious problem : how do you keep them tidy ?  I tried a bag, a box, but somehow they get all messed up.  Don't you hate it when you are looking for a 4mm 60 cm one, and can only find a 5 mm 80 cm one.  I was desperate for a good system to put them carefully away.
At Knitpro or Prym you can buy these expensive cases, really nice, but I wanted something personal.
That's when I found a reference to a pattern by Butterick,  to make your own case.

I ordered it, paid through paypal, and 2 days later the pattern fell into my letterbox.  Great service !
half a day behind my sewing machine, and this is the result :

it's slightly stuffed with interfusible filling

Sesam, open up

Tada ! all the needles are safe, and in clear sight

the points have their own place

I put a little paper with the size and length visible

ready to be taken anywhere now.
I kinda like the big bag on the front picture too. Maybe I could make it to put all my knitting gear in when I 'm off on my knitting holiday .... In  this rainy weather all you can do is stay inside and sew.....

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  1. Veel plezier in je breivakantie! 'k Mag er zelf niet aan denken, het klinkt als iets dat ik niet wil meemaken. Gelukkig dat smaken verschillen.

    Groetjes van moeder overste in de Alpen (wandelvakantie)


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