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vrijdag 6 juli 2012

meeting god

Today was D-day.  I participated in a workshop, given by Brandon Mably.

It was.....  amazing. Brandon was witty, funny, inspiring, he gave us all a boost.  We picked colours, knitted poppies, added accent colours, found contrasts, had fun and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

And then - very silently - almost unnoticed, God entered the room, disguised as Kaffe Fassett. 
the 2 colour guys and me
 He just sat there, knitting a gorgeous scarf in many colours. I was surprised, you always make a picture in your mind of somebody you've never actually met.  He is much taller than I expected.  And although he's quiet in a corner, I had the impression he has seen and heard everything.  His eyes have a twinkle, and he is a very very kind man.

These are some of the pictures I took with my mobile phone, so the quality isn't top.

Explaining how to knit in odd ends

chosing colours

concentrating and knitting

my friend Carine was there too

all the pieces we did, on display
showing us the effects of bright accent colours

Many thanks to the organisers of this workshop, it was all perfect.  I do hope this calls for an encore !

Just one remark : travelling from my town to Leuven is only about 130 km.  By car you have to pass Brussels, known for its endless traffic jams.  To avoid these I decided to take the train.  I got up a 5.30 this morning, took the 6.42 train, arrived at 8.30 in leuven.  So far, so good.  But returning, the train was seriously delayed and I got home at.... 8 pm. Famished.   (but happy...)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Thank you for sharing - you are sooo lucky. And such wonderful work you all did!!

  2. heeeel erg mooi rozemie !!!!!!!!! awesome :-)


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