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woensdag 25 juli 2012

a beaded moebius

It is finished, the moebius scarf I started in Swalmen.

The wool I used is Zitron unisono, in different blues.   It was cast on in a very special way, (CO 100 stiches, but they turn out to be 200 stiches to knit... ) on circular needles, size 3.5 mm

I decorated it with beads, while knitting:  a quick technique involving a crochet hook. 
At a certain point you split the knitting and form a point.  I added some more beads there, for an extra accent.

After this project, I'm as good in knitting and purling on circular needles as on regular needles.  It took some stubborn persisting, but now i'm proud of myself.  I find it hard to try out a new way of knitting when I'm quite satisfied with the way I always do things.  But this was an eyeopener.

The result is really nice, but with 30 °C outside, I couldn't put it around my neck for a picture. 

2 opmerkingen:

  1. That is so beautiful - and I love that you have used beads on it. It makes it very special. Well done - and enjoy the summer!!!

  2. dat wil ik wel ne keer van dichtbij zien, mooi !


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