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donderdag 28 juni 2012

gebreid kraagje - knitting a collar

When it's summer, I don't want to knit big things.  Heavy wool, big needles, a huge amount of knitwork on your lap, I associate it more with cold days, and winter stuff.
So, when the warm days are upon us, I much rather take on some crochet.  Or maybe a very small knitwork like a hat, or a Barbie dress, or maybe.... I find something in a patternbook that is so irresistable that I just hàve to knit it.

I bought a beautiful Debbie Bliss book last week because I was soo in love with the little lace collar pattern on the last page.

It seems a helluva job at first sight, but in fact it was quite easy to knit. There is hardly any purling involved, that's a big benefit.  There are decreases and yarn overs in every row, so you must be careful, no automatic pilot behaviour for this one.

here's the finished collar presented on my mannequin

the back is also very nice
I carefully followed the well written intructions, and the result is spectacular !

I hesitated about the colour.  Usually I prefer some brighter shades for summer. (i'm blond and have a light complexion) But when I wear this charcoal grey it's very becoming.  This colour matches with a lot of my clothes, so I can wear it on most everything.

I prefer it to the other collar I knitted, in pale silk.  This one is a bit looser around your neck and can be worn with a round-neck tshirt, and even a v-neck if you strech it a bit.

The rialto lace is just lovely to knit with.  It is so light, soft and fine, but the result is  stable and quite solid.  I blocked it under a humid towel one night and the lace pattern was perfect.  I think the weight of my cat on the towel helped a bit.  (he firmly denied having slept on my knitting -which is strongly prohibited - but the hairs on the towel gave him away....)

There still remains a lot of lace on the skein.  I think I will knit another one, it is such a perfect present for a birthday.  
Maybe I will just change one thing : add a really nice vintage button in stead of the fine little knot.

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