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maandag 11 juni 2012

it's owl or nothing

I was home early today, and sat down in front of the pc with a cup of tea and some time to surf around blogland.
I just read the latest post on tangled happy.  There is a reference to  Sarah's blog  where you can find a super (and free) pattern for a little baby hat.  It's owl-shaped, and very easy to make. 
And it just happened that I had some left-over wool in just the right colours, so I started to make one.  (Sometimes I just can't help it, I start a new project, and forget the more pressing matters like preparing food for the men....)
In just over an hour it was all finished.  and this is the result :

the look in his eyes...

it is for a little head

but not a little teddybear's head....

he does look smarter now...
In my country the owl is a symbol for wisdom.  But if someone calls you 'an owl' it is not a compliment.  It means you are stupid.  Funny...

1 opmerking:

  1. That is so beautiful - and it only took an hour!!! You are very skilled!! I would have used a week... LOL!!


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