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Breiclub in Oostende : elke woensdagavond van 19 u - 21 u !

maandag 18 juni 2012

for the 1st time : wwkip in Oostende !

We had the most wonderful day. 

I met al lot of kitting ladies, we had lovely chats about wool and patterns.  Jan, the famous Belgian knitter came all the way from Hasselt (that's 2 hours on the train !) to sit and knit with us.
I feared it would rain, but  there was even a bit of sunshine. 
The kiosk is a very nice spot to sit, surrounded by greens.

Helen was there, and Barbara, 2 skilled knitters.  And Ronald was there too, a creative spirit who wants to learn how to knit.  He started with 10 stiches, and suddenly there were 15 stiches on his needle. 
My sister came all the way from Roeselare by train, she brought her friend Trees along.  Trees is the lady who organises the coach trip to Paris for the 'L'Aiguille en fête' fair. 

My friend Amandine from Bruges was there too, she knits on the train to and from her work everyday.

Karin was there too, and Monique, and Chris, and Caroline, and Ann who can crochet amazing flowers. Tiny and her daughters were knitting and smiling and playing.

And sweet Rebecca - my co-organiser for the day - was there too, she brought along some extra chairs, and we needed them.

Her 2  daughters were proud to be part of the group. Emily is a very good knitter for her age !

We were proud to have Jan there too.

at 2 o'clock there were already a lot of knitters busy

look, I can crochet !

Joëlle knitting and Emily showing her headband

I knitted my headband myself !

helping the little ones

Dad is proud !

Ronald's second lesson in knitting : count your stiches !

Will it rain ?  Or not ?

My colleagues from school stopped by.

Admiring Barbara's Baktus 'spéciale'

she made 2 scarfs in these gorgeous colours

This generation women have knitted all their life !

a lot of passers-by stopped to talk to us

even the little ones had fun

teaching crochet to eachother

a proud mum and 2 lovely girls

and here comes the sun

Carine is a knitting - teacher in Oostende

 Next to her you can see my sister, who's knitting a scarf from 'elle tricote', quite an artful accessoire with al the felted little flocks in different bright colours.  (Lone, if you are reading this, I'm sure you'd like this one !)  The wool she uses is ultra fine, there is 1 km of wool on the skein...    Next to my sister is Trees, her friend, crocheting granny squares.  Then there's Amandine, who came especially from Bruges to join us.  And the last one on the picture is Emily, our youngest knitter.  She knits better than her mum, Rebecca.    But keep that a secret....

Aren't we lovely ?

At the end of the day we had a visit from 2 journalists. They asked us a lot of questions and  took pictures and we were mentionned in 2 national newspapers today.  I am soooo proud !  

4 opmerkingen:

  1. shhhhhh don't tell anyone about emily knitting beter than me i'm verry proud of her shes gonna be the rozemie of her generation !! sorry for my bad english big hug rebecca

  2. prachtige foto's van een unieke gelegenheid. froficiat voor de inrichters.Jan(knitter).

  3. proficiat voor het initiatief
    mooie blog!

  4. This is such a wonderful story-- what a great bunch of folks!! I love the whole knitting in public thing- I take my knitting everywhere I go- always gets lots of attention!! Your photos are great!!


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