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donderdag 30 december 2010

more zahia workshops

I haven't had the time to publish these images of another workshop I followed at Zahia.  But in December I made another set of lovely jewels.
This time it was all about working with old venetian glass beads called millefiori.  They were originally ment to be buttons, but never got to that stage.  Forgotten in an obscure Italian basement, they gathered dust untill one of the buyers of Zahia found this treasure and brought them to Belgium where we could have a go at turning them into lovely rings and earrings.
A very easy technique (involving a 2 component glue), a patient teacher and great results, as usual ....

a lovely pair of earrings

a matching ring

all presented in a nice box !

1 opmerking:

  1. Great Effects-good,that they were found and taken to Belgium,instead of being completely forgotten.This way,they will bring the happiness to others,who will wear them.
    Best Regards-Halinka-


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