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dinsdag 21 december 2010

Ellen's vilten hoeden - Ellens felted hats

During the workshop at the Banier, I met Ellen.  She's a young mum, has 2 children, and her hobby is felting.  She's a 'self-made' felter, she learned it very effciently by 'trial and error'.  And some very useful youtube tutorials.  We got along very well, and I asked her to send me some pictures of her hats.  Well, they are sooo original and wonderful, I just have to share this with you all.  Just imagine the hats are black.  My stupid computer seems to interpret the black as dark purple.   
Ellen doesn't have a blog, but I'm going to convince her to start one.  She makes lovely babyhats and children's hats too.  I told her to put them up for sale, but she's shy that people will not want to buy her items.  What a shame.  I would buy one if I had little children...
Anyway, don't be upset when you see the hats presented on a female head....  It's not real !  It's a dummy-head used by schoolgirls who train to be hairdressers.  It is a bit awkward, but the size is just right for presenting the hats.  If you want to contact ellen, just send me a mail.  I will forward them to her.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wonderful felted hats:-)
    I like either the form ,or the colouristic.

    It's also nice-You have discovered my Danish Friend's blog:-)I was so happy to read Your comment there:-)
    Best Regards & Warm Hugs-


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