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zondag 5 december 2010

tilda snowmen christmas decorations

Dear readers,

some time ago I bought a book showing me how to make the most beautiful Xmas decorations.  It was written by a Norwegian girl called Tone Finnanger.  Unfortunately the text was also in Norwegian... But the designs are clearly explained with step by step 'how to's and besides, I'm quite used to reading patterns.

don't you just love this ?

So this weekend I tried to make the snowmen on page 22.

It wasn't very hard work : the patterns are small, but correct.  I enjoyed making the little pijama's.  To colour the faces, I used some of my  blush, and a special textile felt tip pen in dark brown for the eyes.  I haven't made the noses yet : still trying to figure out how I can make a small carrot nose...
this is the result :

If you like these, be sure to visit her website !
in Dutch : http://www.dehandwerksite.nl/Webwinkel-Page-80405/Over-Tilda.html
in English : http://tildasworld.com/
in Belgium : many of her patterns and fabrics are for sale at 'De Banier'.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een leuke sneeuwpoppen en wat leuk dat je een berichtje bij mij achtergelaten hebt. Jij maakt ook hele leuke dingen. Ik kom nog wel eens aanwaaien. Groetjes Esther.

  2. Helooo:-)
    I am very glad to see You as my New Follower of my blog:-)
    Also happy to see Your Work:-)
    Heh,when I saw THOSE TWO SLEEPY...:-)))They are SO CUTE!The result of reading and watching T.finnanger books can sometimes be ABOVE all our expectations:-)
    Fine and creative blog-I am also going to observe it-it is so fun and peasant-what's more:You write in English!:-)
    Thank You for all those positive impressions-I hope we will exchange our comments upon our work.
    Warm Regards-HalinaDK-


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