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zondag 12 december 2010

home made christmas decorations - zelfgemaakte kerstversieringen

I have finished decorating my house.  This year I was planning to keep it very simple, like in those fine home decorating magazines.  No tree.  No frills.  No sparkles.  Just a delicate touch of reds and greens and a few nice objects to create the festive atmosphere.  But then the eldest son was complaining : when we were kids, you used to make it really cosy, mum.  (he means the excess and overload of frills I was guilty of in the past...)  Hmm.  Then I got this great idea :  I told him that if he wanted a xmas tree filled with balls and lightbulbs, he'd have to do it himself.  Being a 19-year old boy, with a big talent for making a mess of his room and very little talent as a decorator, I never expected him to actually do this.   Think again, mum...   So now there is - again! - a fully loaded xmas tree in our living room.  And to be honest, I am quite pleased with it.  I suppose the chique minimalist design that I love so much in magazines is ok for other people's houses...
This one however is now again filled to the roof with all the stuff we accumulated over the past years.   Many of it is crafted by the kids when they were little, and some of it by me.  May I invite you ?

styrofoam with small pieces of fabric pinned to it

I made some muffins too...

years ago I was in a patchwork frenzy...

with left over red buttons you can make this

a gift from my niece when she was little
the doily is hand knitted lace

Christmas cat...

I just want to sleep...

Merry Christmas to you all !

1 opmerking:

  1. Hi,Rozemie:-)
    Nice Christmas Decorations-even 'Mr Catt' looks so distinctly,wearing a Santa Claus' Cap.Beautiful hearts,a snowman and a small Christmas Tree.
    I can say-I have the 'creative-crissis' now,because:how many X-mas things can I make and see them only once a year?Not to make them-also upsets-just the moment everybody makes something...So,I have the 'creative crissis syndrom'-called the 'CCS' shorly saying.Maybe it will pass someday.
    Best Regards-HalinaDK-


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