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vrijdag 24 december 2010

Christmas dinner

Tonight my parents are coming over for Christmas dinner, and my table is all set.

The meal is as good as ready.  We are having :

champagne with small appetizers, and a first share of (small) gifts.

3 slices of home made pâté with salad and croutons
(my father in law is a retired butcher who made many of his preparations himself.  His pâté is the best ever.  He is also a hunter.  He has made the pâté from animals he shot.  Not really a nice thought, but his artisan pâtés ares made of hare, wild boar and partridge.)
A second share of gifts.

Then,  home made shrimp croquettes  -  home made by my husband I am proud to say. ( My kitchen was a mess, but the croquettes are very good.)
A third round of gifts.

Then, a taste of pumpkin soup with cream.  On my menu, I call it pumpkin cappucino.  Sounds real funky, doesn't it ?  I am going to serve it in glasses. Showtime !
Another round of gifts, if there are any left over by now -  haha.

Next is the main course : stew of deer.  Yes, we are eating bambi's dad...  I have prepared it according to a tv show by one of Belgiums best cooks ever : Jeroen Meus.  It smells delicious.  Along with it are cranberries, chicory, mushrooms and mashed potatoes with celeriac.

And then dessert.  I know myself : after this dinner (and all the wine) I am tired and quite fed up with cooking.  So I bought some ice cream and I will serve it with a good cuppa coffee. Along with some sweet Belgian truffles and chocolates of course.

By then I am dog-tired and we will fall into the sofa with a last drink.  Many cheers to Xmas,  love and peace, and we wish you all the best.  Tomorrow, a very late & small breakfast (just a vitamine drink perhaps...) and in the late afternoon we are invited for coffee and cakes at my in-laws.  Another load of calories, and probably no time to blog.  See you all next time !

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Happy Holidays!
    And a wonderful New Year!

  2. Yhmmm...Tasty....?...yummy....?
    I am the macrobiotic.I've been for almost fourty years.I eat only poultry and fish.Polish tradditional food at Christmas Eve consists of many kind of fish,salads,cakes,fruit,coffe,tea,can be grog,ot white wine,but not any stronger alcohol.
    The menu with wild animals is not for me:-)
    From the cow I drink the milk and will eat a cheese.The pig is for me only an animal,that says:-'chrum-chrum':-)))
    Best Regards-HalinaDK-

  3. mmmmmmmmmmmm that sounds great !
    I can imagine you being tired afterwards, I know the feeling :-)


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