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woensdag 8 december 2010

button wednesday

Inspired by the 'Button Lady's' of Zsazsazsu, Fleur Fatale and Kraplap, I had a go at making some rings and brooches with old vintage buttons.  Some of them belonged to my grandmother, and I am proud that I can wear them now.  It was fun to do and gives me the good  feeling of recycling and using some of the stuff I keep in boxes, labelled 'one day I will make something really nice with this'.

these are 2 brooches. 

the little button on the top is made of Czech glass

Thanks for the idea ladies !  I really enjoyed myself making these. I told my mum, and she said she had a box filled with old buttons too.  So maybe there will be more of these...

As you can see I used a better camera this time.  In stead of my super simple and rather outdated camera, I used my husbands  sophisticated camera with a billion little buttons and menus that keep confusing me.  Sometimes I am very blond... I know...

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuk hoor, ik hou ook enorm van knopen!

  2. Hi:-)
    You can be really PROUD of Your Work!
    The rings & broches with the vintage buttons are WONDERFUL.
    We never know,what and when can be very useful for our small pieces of art.It is always good to collect things that someone would consider 'junk':-)I do the same:-)
    Best Regards from Denmark-Halina-


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