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dinsdag 30 november 2010

zahia workshop briolettes

Hi everybody,

Last Saturday, I was thrilled to bits.  I was going to follow a workshop at Zahia for the first time.  Zahia (*) has only recently opened a new shop in Brugge, and that's only a 20 minutes drive from my place.  I had visited their shop several times, and admired all the beads and necklaces.  Unfortunately, the prices are rather high, a bit much for my poor miserable wallet.  (That's one of the reasons I try to make my own stuff, it's much cheaper) But their prices may be high, their beads are amazing and inspiring.  Vintage glass beads, Venetian handmade pieces, mouthwatering colours...
The workshop I booked was all about working with briolettes.  Those are glass beads shaped like a droplet.  The tiny opening is in the tip of the droplet,  so you have to work horizontally.  The beads are also cut in facets, and sparkle in the light.  Sylvie was a very patient teacher, and we set off for an hour of diligent fiddling with tiny silver wires and tweezers.  I made a pair of lovely earrings, I'm quite proud of myself.  Here they are. 

I choose 3 big beads and 1 small, all in 'muddy' colours

(*) Zahia was started in 2001 by 2 sisters, they sell beads and give workshops.  They have several shops in Flanders now.   Check out their website on  http://www.zahia.be/

1 opmerking:

  1. Hallo,
    de oorringen die je gemaakt hebt vind ik echt prachtig. Ik ben onlangs nog bij Zahia geweest en heb twee briolettes gekocht om een halsketting te maken, maar wist niet goed meer hoe ik die moest bevestigen. Nu ik zie hoe het moet, kan ik het zelf eens proberen.
    Ik twijfel al een tijdje om een workshop te volgen bij Zahia, maar ik zal het toch eens moeten doen!


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