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vrijdag 26 november 2010

travelling woman

Hi readers

 I have knitted this scarf called travelling woman (free pattern in ravelry) in a gorgeous mixture of silk and cotton. The designer is Liz Abinante. I really liked the story behind the scarf.   She explained that the design was inspired by the character Angela Montenegro on the tv show 'Bones'.  Angela is artistic, a believer in love, and just the type who might get in a little too deep before she can find her way out (she did get married in Fiji to a complete stranger, after all).   As I enjoy knitting in front of the telly, and like the riddles Angela helps solving in 'Bones'  I couldn't be happier with a pattern named after her.
I had never knitted a scarf before, and I was quite pleased with the result.  The cast on was not at the point of the scarf as I took for granted, but in the middle of the straight line, and then you just keep on adding stiches.  You don't see much of the scarf while knitting, once you have BO all stiches, it unfolds into the semi-circle you hoped for...  To keep it together, I bought this flower at H&M in just the right colours.  Pleased with myself, I knitted 2 more for my best friends Petra and Fabienne.  We are 3 travelling women, you see.   Unfortunately forgot to take a picture before giving them away....

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