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maandag 1 november 2010

a miracle took place !

A miracle story :

I have 2 sons.  Jonas is the youngest.  he is now 17.  When he was a child, I used to knit several sweaters for him. You know, the ones with the Disney figures on the front, or 'cowboy style'.  He used to be so proud to wear them.
But then things changed : he grew up to be a handsome young boy, with a cool factor of +15.  (on a scale of 10) wearing lots of black t-shirts with heavy metal stuff  on the front.  There was no way he would wear one of my sweaters.  So I was stuck to knitting hats, or socks, or perhaps a scarf.  Homemade stuff unfortunately  seemed to have a cool factor below freezing point, so it appeared.
So you can imagine how surprised I was when yesterday he asked me to knit him ... a sweater !  He had a clear picture in his mind of how the sweater should look : as plain as possible, no fancy stiches, just a round collar and RED !     So I happily hurried to the yarn shop, picked up a lovely brick red yarn  - and a bit of grey to soften it up.  (just a small trimming in grey, no panic)  Then I spent a couple of hours on the internet searching for a pattern (nothing fancy mum ! ) and got it from Drops.  (loads of free patternes, you must have a look !)  So, what do you think, readers ?  Will he like it ? 
this is the model I choose, and the boy is not nearly as handsome as my son !

this is the beginning ...

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