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woensdag 16 februari 2011

knitting a teddy bear

This is the worst periode of the year to me.  Those long, last days of winter, still cold and wet, and I'm craving for a bit of sunshine.  And just like every year around this periode, I've been ill.  That little influenza virus has made me stay in bed with a bad fever.  I'm better now, but still feel as if my batteries need recharging badly.  Unfortunately the doctor didn't prescribe me a fortnight of sunshine on Tenerife.    I know it's wishful thinking, but don't you wish that he could ? 
Anyway, the world doesn't stop turning because I'm ill, and I've spent quite some time reading all your blogs and the lovely projects you all made have really cheered me up.
I haven't been doing much, just a couple of small knitting projects to use up some stash.  
Here they are :

Am I a snowman or a snow bird ? 

I'm not quite sure.  But I am cute !
I found a pattern for a knitted teddybear

Yes, I can stand up !

I'm a nice fellow, with a friendly face and easy to make !

2 opmerkingen:

  1. veel beterschap ... en ps bij mij kun je die 2 weken Tenerife wel boeken hé ;-)
    Mooie dingen gemaakt hoor !

  2. Hi,Rozemie...The world possibly will not stop turning...heh...but I will not stop missing Your blogposts and Your Sweet Comments upon my creations:-)
    Sorry for Your being ill-it is never so positive news,mostly,when people miss the sun,though it's very roughly active nowadays:-)
    I've been to Tenerife once-I wouldn't recommend it anymore-rather Puerta Vallarta in Mexico,or Mazatlan,where I have a very good,Mexican friend and her daughter,with a Polish name-Magda:-)These are places in the world,which are worth seeing-which we've promissed ourselves to see again someday:-)
    As concerning Your last creations-they are both WONDERFUL!I love the TEDDY most,though the little Snowman is also cute-I have got enough of snow right now:-)
    Nice creations-beautiful Work and the Teddy is so cute-only to take and to hold.
    Greetings to You and warm Hugs-Halinka-


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