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donderdag 17 februari 2011

spring is in the air

Everywhere you look, there is a little green.  Daffodils are preparing to bloom, tulips are for sale in the shops, in many lovely colours.  Even in the supermarket you can buy bulbs already prepared to bloom indoors.  And yes, I have surrendered.  Here's what I bought.

I put the bulbs in glasses and arranged them together in a little basket.  The doily is handmade bobbin lace, that I bought in a jumble sale last summer for only a few cents. I'm a lacemaker too, and after 5 years of practice I can call myself a true beginner  ;-)   I'm sure the person who made this one spent many hours making it.  The technique is called 'Brugs bloemwerk' or 'flowerlace of Bruges'.

I love the colours and the smell of the hyacinths is divine...

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Jaaa de geur van hyacinten is HEERLIJK hé !!
    Het gebreide sneeuwvogelke vind ik zooo schattig !!

    Bedankt voor je reactie bij mij.
    Nog een fijn weekend .. :)

  2. Hi,Rozemie:-)
    Beautiful symbiosis - the white hiacyntes and the bobbin lace.I can only admire such things,but I am sure-I would not be able to make them.It looks marvellous together-it means-the Spring is almost knocking at our door:-)

    You have asked me about the sale of my pictures: So far-I had made them and did not think about selling.But if You like them and would like to choose one,or more-of course,we could 'talk' about it by e-mail,which is given in my side bar-on the right.
    Warm Regards-Halinka-


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