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vrijdag 18 februari 2011

teapot cover

Last week, when I was ill the doctor told me to drink a lot of tea with honey.  I love tea, so that was not a problem.  Tea should be hot and sweet, that 's how I like it best.  But I sip my tea slowly, and hate it when it gets cold...   so that was the problem : my old teapot was in need of a little jacket to help him keep my tea warm. 
 I looked through my stash and found 3 colours that matched and I started to crochet in the granny-style way.  I started up at the lid, and increased and then decreased, leaving an opening and finishing with a bow. 
This is the result :

no more cold tea for me !

Green tea with lemon is my favorite at the moment.

easy to remove : just undo the bow at the bottom

2 opmerkingen:

  1. HI,ROZEMIE:-)
    My last comment upon Your Spring hiacyntes and the bobin lace has not appeared and I do not know,why...
    Except for the comment,I wrote also,to give You the answer connected to my pictures-that I have not thought about selling them yet,but if You like them and would like to choose one,or more-please,only give me a sign,by the given e-mail address and the price could be negotiated.
    Now,about Your teapot-cap-warmer: I like it very much it's not only beautiful pattern and nice colours,but a functionalitem as well,keeping the tea fresh and warm longer,than without it.


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