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zaterdag 26 februari 2011

another teddybear from Libelle

Last week I bought the little book with patterns of toy animals that came with Libelle,  and I tried the teddybear pattern.  It's very easy knitting, well ewplained and lots of fun putting everything together.  I used some left over wool that changed colour.  That's why the bear has a darker head and lighter body.  I also added a little scarf in flashy colours because I thought he needed something extra. 
To be honest, I really like the face, but the body is too round.  When I compare it to the other bear I knitted, I rather prefer his body.  Also, the dark one can move his arms and legs because of the cunning way they are assembled.  This one can only sit up when you put him against something.
So that means I will have to knit a third bear, using the head of this one and the body of the other one and see if that will be the perfect teddy.

How do you do ? 

I like the ears, and the nose is more pronounced

Don't you agree this body is better ?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. HI,ROZEMIE:-)
    To tell the truth: the slimmer body fits to that previous-darker one and the fatter one-to the recent-lighter one.
    The most original and funny is the colouristics-lighter and darker wool makes superb effect in that 'fatty'one.It is so cute,that I would hold it willingly:-)
    It is the animal to have and to Love:-)
    By the way-in a response to Your one-I have sent an e-mail to You from the gmail post,which I do not trust entirely.Have You received it?
    Hugs & KIsses-Halinka-

  2. Hoi Rozemie,

    Wat een schattige beertjes. Is die donkere ook gebreid?
    Ik heb nog gezocht naar de Libelle maar was te laat.


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