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zaterdag 19 februari 2011

brei je speelgoeddieren met Libelle

Ocaasionally I like to read a good magazine.  And when I was at the newspaper shop today, I noticed that Libelle was available with a little book 'knitting your own toy animals'.  I couldn't resist, and bought it.  Now I am leafing through the pages, and they are really wonderful.  Easy too, I think.  There's a snake,  mouse, a frog, some cute rabbits and many more.  Just wanted to let you now.  Only available this week....

By the way, you know I'm longing for spring and a bit of sunshine.  Yesterday evening our weatherforecast for Belgium talked about.....   SNOW !!!!  for next week.   I'm going to cry........

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Sneeuw ??? Weer !! ik ga ook wenen !
    Jouw theepot-jasje vind ik heel tof, mooi gehaakt en het past em perfect !
    Fijn weekend .. :)

  2. Hi,Rozemie:-)
    Weather here is also far away from Spring-not much snow,but a little frosty.The only consolation was,that we had had lots of sunshine all day.
    I do not know,if this magazine'Libelle' is also available here,in Denmark,but I'll be tryong to find this edition.Maybe it will also ispire me a little:-)
    If it does inspire You-I'll be waiting patiently for the results of that inspiration:-)

  3. Heb het boekje nu ook, bedankt voor den tip Rozemie ! :)
    Seg over sneeuw gesproken , dat is hier in het Antwerpse dus heel lichtjes aan 't sneeuwen hé .. waar is in godsnaam de zon !!


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