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zondag 17 juli 2011

fimo necklace #005

 A funky necklace, to wear in the sunshine.  Next week, when all the rain has gone....

This new fimo necklace was inspired by the book from Sophie Arzalier.

I used fimo balls, in various marbled colours, and I made small cube shaped beads to, with a fimo cane.  A super technique that I want to experiment further with.
I used a lot of left over beads, that matched in shape and colours.  It is a long necklace, I can twist it around my neck about 3 times.  Or let it hang long, depending on what I'm wearing.
The basic colours are pink, light green and light blue. 

colours are too blue, due to bad camera...

I made it extra long, lots of beads went into it

I can wear it 3x around my neck

a summer feeling created by a funky colourscheme

4 opmerkingen:

  1. O dit is een mooi halssnoer Rozemie ! Lieve kleurtjes.

    Ooit wil ik dit ook wel eens proberen :)
    Als ik alles wil uitproberen wat ik tegenkom, dan zal ik nog veel tijd nodig hebben ;)

    Nog een fijne avond !

  2. very pretty! I'd love to have a play with fimo!

  3. Het ziet er geweldig uit!
    It looks great!

    Groetjes, Kim


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