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maandag 25 juli 2011

a cat nap

Last weekend there was a flea market in the neighborhood.  Look what I bought for my 2 darling cats : a new sleeping place. 

This is a 2-storey apartment.  One cat can sleep downstairs, and the other one holds residence on the first floor.
In cat psychology, the superior cat (the one who can sleep on the heighest place) is actualy superior (the alpha cat).  Little white princess Misty is clearly the superior cat here.... 

a room with a view for Spirou

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Hoi,
    Lieve poezen hoor. Wat leuk dat ze er samen gebruik van maken.
    En het is altijd maar weer de vraag of ze iets nieuws accepteren.
    Groeten, Riet

  2. Hihi.. schattig hoor :) En er moet iemand de leiding hebben hé :)

    Je hebt je zomerse jurk niet aangedaan hé Rozemie want het is geen goei weer geweest vandaag ;)

    Maar tis goed gemaakt door deze leuke foto's :)

  3. :-) mine would get soooo close to each other - have a look at my blogpost today ... coincidence
    we blogged about our cats.

    I have never seen such a storey basket for cats! This is really fantastic.Two cats can sleep there at time! I showed it to my Husband,he said,we would eagerly see such a thing for our two doggies:-)Interesting,how one of them would go 'upstairs' :-)))
    I love the idea very much!
    Hugs and Greetings-Halinka


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