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dinsdag 2 oktober 2012

knitted toys - christian the lion

During summer, there are lots of garage sales and open air flea markets in my little part of the world. I like to walk around, finding old stuff thinking 'oh yes, my mum had one like those' or didn't granma have a vase like that ? Sometimes you find objects that are mysterious, and I love to listen to the explications and stories behind. 
I don't spend a lot of money, and enjoy a sunny afternoon among crazy stuff.  I had to promise my husband that I would not (NOT) buy any wool,  but he never mentionned knitted toys. When I come across knitted toys, preferably old ones that have been used, I find them irrisitable. 

So, when Karin (my bear making friend) asked me if I was interested in an old lion, only one reply was possible : Yes !  As I already have an old lion walking about the place, another one sure was welcome.

She offered me the most gorgeous knitted toy ever.  I've been looking at it for some days now, with a huge smile on my face.  The thing has a positive feel about it, it's soft, the colours are soooo 70ies, and I love the way his manes are crocheted around his head, and that long tail with a funny tassel.
I have named him Christian as a tribute to the real 'Christian the Lion'.

( If you don't know him, check out his story here on Youtube !)

1 opmerking:

  1. Hallo Rozemie, mag/kan ik je eerst en vooral bedanken toen je aan mij had gedacht ivm de award. Dank je wel Rozemie.
    Het was een jaar geleden dat ik nog iets op mijn blog gezet had. Heb in die periode ook niet veel op mijn pc geweest. Het is mijn dochter die me er terug toe aangezet heeft. En nu ben ik overal mijn toer aan 't doen.

    De leeuw die je hier gekregen hebt vind ik prachtig :)
    Ik moest hierdoor aan de Wizard van Oz denken.
    Ik ga nu jouw blog verder bekijken.

    Groetjes !


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