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zaterdag 13 oktober 2012

crochet necklace

Some time ago, I visited a craft shop run by a young woman.  She turned the shed of her house into a small store, with an abundance of choice - the place was stacked with beads, buttons, all kind of examples, quite close to  what I would call heaven. 

In black 'n white, quite artistic don't you think ? 

I bought several items, but somehow I never got around to actually making something with it.  Too busy knitting I suppose.  But now it was time for a challenge : I was asked by a group of ladies to show them how to crochet a necklace, using mainly buttons and beads.  This is the result :

So I got out my box with manly tools ( cutters, tongs in all shapes, cutting pliers and metal threads) and the stack of pearl and buttons I acquired over the years.  And there were the small beads and fine threads I bought at the shed - I forgot all about them !

silvery sewing thread and 100 swarofski beads

the picture doens't do them right, they sparkle a lot more

Well, It was so much fun, I couldn't stop making them. 

And this is how you can make them too : 

Make a selection of small beads, some buttons if you want, and chose a fine but strong thread.  You can use fine embroidery silk, or colourful cotton, DMC will do or cordonnet, even nylon thread (like fishermen use) or fine metal threads.  Use a very fine crochet hook, like a 1 or 1.50.

You start with putting a lot of beads on the thread you are going to use.  I put on at least 100 different beads.  Then you just start crocheting in chain stiches, and randomly add the beads.  Like chain 5 stiches, add a bead, chain 10 stiches, add a bead, chain 7 stiches, add 2 beads, etc.... until no beads are left on the thread.  Same with the buttons.

To add a bead : you just push the bead as close to your crochet hook as possible and chain on, it will be automatically fastened in your work.

this thread was on a spool, and was easy to use.
You will end up with a very long piece of crochet, and to avoid it messing all up, wind it around a little piece of cardboard (I use the inside rolls of my kitchen paper towels)

Then you have to make it into a wearable necklace or bracelet.  Use a technique for adding a little metal chain, or gather the long chain and twist it around so that the beads form a 'sausage' and add a clasp if necessary.

One of the ladies used nylon thread to crochet, and the result was very flexible, she could just put it around her head a few times and it was finished.

use your imagination ! 

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  1. Sounds like a great shop - and such wonderful jewelry you made!! Thanks for the tip about crocheting with beads!!
    You are so creative!! Hope you got my email about PC beads - please let me know if you didn´t. Have a lovely weekend!!


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